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Short Stories

This page is dedicated to all the fictional short stories that are written on this blog. i have collected the whole list at one place for you. So, if you are fiction lover then you will love to go through them. Please go through them and tell me what I should be doing to improve them. 

I might had done a mistake in writing or there may be some problem. Tell me what it is and I will try to solve them. I have done a lot of hard work in writing all of them please be generous to like and share with your friends.

Steve came out of the hospital in hurry and asked for a taxi. He had to wait for little long as it was 5 in the morning and no cab was there for him. He did not waited for that long and began to take long steps toward his final destination. 5 minutes later after he started the walk, he found a cab. He got into the cab and asked him to take him straight to the pub.                                                      

Close to the city of Paithan, in a small village called Sauviragram, which lay along the banks of the great river Godavari, lived a woman named Ilaa. Being cotton farmers, her family was well to do, but not among the richest in their area. It was the harvest season, and cotton had to be picked from the plants. The wholesalers and traders from Paithan would be arriving in just a few weeks, carrying gold and goods for barter. They would exchange what they carried for the cotton that the farmers grew. The bales of cotton had to be ready in time! Work was at its peak! 

Sam was very happy today. Whole day he spent keeping a watch on the door of his small and untidy room waiting for his dad to come and bring his year awaited gift on the cheerful day of Christmas. This was the trend of family from years that on this greatest day of the year Sam's father bring gift for everyone in the house.          

I recently went to my nearest cinemas to watch a movie. I was alone in the whole 7 floor hostel for three consecutive days. On the fourth day at night I heard a knock at the door. I was not ready for any arrivals as it was Friday and we would have two holidays in front and nobody would like to come for two holidays. It was the time of 11 o’clock and I was writing a post when I was disturbed by that knock.

I was lying on the floor of that old house. I woke up in the morning and there was a smile on my face. I had solved a big mystery of a kidnap. I got up and went toward the window. I could see the morning sun coming out of woods and was rising from the back of the long distant mountains. This was the most amazing view of the nature that I was taking after a long time. I waited for some time so that I can watch that mind blowing sunrise.                       

Today’s generation of 21st century does not believe in supernatural things. And I being a 21st century kid did not believed it until I faced that myself. I was doing job in a reputed company in Delhi, the national capital of India. My salary was also very good due to which my life style had changed to large extent. I used to spend my time in bars and hotels and talked to the people whom I never knew.

There are some incidents which you never forget. Those might be good, those might be bad. But one thing I can say pretty surely is that the best feeling that a person can get is by making their parents feel happy. This is true universally. When they feel that they are proud to be our parents then only we can say that ‘we are proud of ourselves’.

After I passed out of the engineering college I didn't got any job in the campus placements because of my lower grades and lesser interest in any of my subjects. I was not good at studies at the college time and also I was very weak in making any girlfriend. So, My  grade as well as my friend list was low (girlfriend list was not even having a single name). I tried a lot for finding a job but was unable to succeed. Worldwide recession was going on and nobody wanted this much under qualified engineer.

Tears, What does this word suggest. Tears are one of the the way to express Yourself. It can be of happiness or it can be of sorrow. It may be in pain or it may be in pleasure. If I think of this word, one heart touching story comes to my mind that left me with high suspense to decide ' Were these tears of pain or pleasure. Was these tears of happiness or sorrow'.

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